Personal Trainer Oswestry


Personal Training in Oswestry

Using a Personal Trainer is a big decision for most people, one it is important to get right. I work with people across the age range, many with underlying health conditions and all with very different objectives. An initial chat costs nothing and following on from that we can work together to design a personalised programme that will help you to meet your goals and that will suit your lifestyle.

Maybe you need support to:

  • Prepare for or recover from an orthopaedic procedure?
  • Continue your progress following on from Physiotherapy?
  • Reduce pain and move more freely?

Perhaps you:

  • Have a fitness goal that you would like to meet?
  • Would like to return to sport following a break or an injury?
  • Would like to move more confidently and improve your balance?

Do you want to:

  • Lose weight and discover a healthier lifestyle?
  • Feel fitter and stronger?
  • Feel less tired?
  • Improve your mental health through exercise?